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REAL SAE 20/30/40/50 Engine Oils are superior, heavy duty, high performance crank case oils for both Petrol / Diesel Engines.

REAL SAE 20/30/40/50 Engine Oils redefine excellence in heavy-duty engine lubrication, catering to both Petrol and Diesel Engines. Crafted as high-performance crankcase oils, these stand out with a superior formulation. Featuring a high viscosity index and a robust package of additives—including detergent, dispersant, anti-wear, anti-oxidant, and anti-foam agents—these oils deliver unparalleled wear protection.

Notably, REAL SAE 20/30/40/50 Engine Oils play a vital role in preventing bore polish, reducing combustion chamber deposits, and curbing the tendency for oil thickening. The cumulative effect is a substantial increase in oil drain intervals, contributing to the overall longevity of the engine. Available in various SAE grades, these engine oils are tailored to meet specific requirements, providing a versatile and comprehensive solution for diverse automotive needs. Elevate your engine's performance and extend its life with the unmatched quality of REAL SAE 20/30/40/50 Engine Oils.

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