Real Lube Products stands as a beacon of unwavering commitment to quality assurance in the realm of lubrication solutions. Our extensive product line, which includes industrial lubricants, automotive lubricants, greases, marine engine oils, and specialty lubricants, has witnessed resounding success across diverse industries—from commercial vehicles and utilities to power plants and earth-moving equipment.

Our achievements are rooted in a quality-centric approach that seamlessly integrates with the latest technological advancements. This commitment has given rise to a robust quality control management system, ensuring that our offerings consistently surpass industry standards. Real Lube Products adheres rigorously to international and Indian standards, including API, SAE, IS, ASTM, ASLE, AGMA, and NLGI, showcasing our dedication to delivering products of the highest caliber.

Operating from our state-of-the-art quality testing unit, we employ advanced facilities to scrutinize every facet of our oils and greases with meticulous precision. Parameters such as purity, composition, and volatility undergo thorough examination, underscoring our pledge to deliver a premium and dependable range of lubricants that align seamlessly with the evolving needs of our discerning clientele.


In our stringent quality control processes, "Purity" stands as a paramount parameter. We meticulously assess the purity of our lubricants to ensure that they meet the highest standards of cleanliness and absence of contaminants. Our commitment to delivering products of impeccable quality involves rigorous testing to guarantee that our lubricants are free from impurities, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in diverse industrial applications. Through advanced testing methods and a meticulous focus on purity, we strive to provide our clients with lubricants that contribute to the efficiency and reliability of their machinery and equipment.


In our quality assurance practices, we prioritize the "Composition" of our lubricants. Meticulously crafted by our expert team, each product's formulation is precisely balanced to meet specific industry needs. Our commitment to precision in composition enhances the effectiveness and longevity of our lubricants, contributing to the efficiency of diverse applications. Rigorous testing ensures that our products consistently deliver superior performance, making them a reliable choice for varied industrial requirements. With a focus on optimal blends, our lubricants play a crucial role in supporting the longevity and reliability of machinery.


The "Volatile" aspect is crucial in our quality assessment, addressing the evaporation characteristics of our lubricants. We meticulously evaluate volatility to ensure stability under varying conditions, preventing undue loss of lubricant properties. This focus on volatility control contributes to the reliability and consistent performance of our lubricants across diverse applications. Through advanced testing and formulation techniques, we strive to provide products that maintain their effectiveness over time, even in demanding operating environments. Our commitment to managing volatility underscores our dedication to delivering lubricants that stand the test of time.

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