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REAL NEAT CUT A,C, Neat/Straight Cutting Oil – Non-Staining Inactive Type

REAL NEAT CUT – A is an inactive sulphurised cutting oil blended from specially selected high viscosity Index base stocks having oxidation and chemical stability.

REAL NEAT CUT – A stands as an inactive sulphurized cutting oil meticulously blended from specially selected high viscosity index base stocks, showcasing remarkable oxidation and chemical stability. Infused with chlorine and sulphurized fats, it imparts anti-weld extreme pressure characteristics and oiliness to these oils, ensuring superior performance in cutting operations.

This cutting oil, REAL NEAT CUT – A, serves as a safeguard for tool life and is well-suited for extreme pressure, low to moderate temperature cutting operations with high feed rates and low operative speeds. It caters to scenarios demanding precision and durability in machining operations, particularly for non-ferrous metals.

On the other hand, REAL NEAT CUT – C demonstrates exceptional performance in machining operations on non-ferrous metals and can be effectively used for machining ferrous metals in less demanding applications. Specifically recommended for gear hobbing, screw cutting, tapping, milling, reaming, and similar operations, this oil ensures optimal results without causing discoloration to the components.

Category: Metal Working Oil

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