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REALRUST SYN2 is a dewateringfluid, containing oil soluble surface-active agent dissolved in a solvent with suitable corrosion- preventive and film forming materials.

REALRUST SYN2 is a cutting-edge dewatering fluid that boasts a unique formulation, featuring an oil-soluble surface-active agent dissolved in a solvent enriched with effective corrosion-preventive and film-forming materials. This transparent, water-miscible metalworking fluid is engineered for all-purpose machining and grinding of steel and cast iron.

Distinguished by its water miscibility, REALRUST SYN2 offers excellent versatility in various metalworking applications. Its formulation includes carefully selected additives that enhance its ability to wet metal surfaces, outperforming water in preference. The application process is both convenient and flexible, allowing for easy use at room temperature through dip or spray methods.

A notable feature of REALRUST SYN2 is the film it forms over metal surfaces, providing a protective layer that can be effortlessly removed by dipping the parts in a suitable solvent. This user-friendly and effective dewatering fluid is a valuable asset for industries seeking optimal corrosion prevention and efficient metalworking solutions. Choose REALRUST SYN2 for a transparent and high-performance metalworking fluid that ensures longevity and precision in machining and grinding applications.

Category: Synthetic Oil

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