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REALCOOL–325 is general purpose cutting oil for Jobs such as Disk Grinding works and centerless grinding, drilling, milling and turning works.

REALCOOL–325 stands as a versatile general-purpose cutting oil, meticulously formulated for a spectrum of machining operations such as disk grinding, centerless grinding, drilling, milling, and turning works. This cutting-edge solution is adept at enhancing performance across various materials, making it suitable for steel, all carbon steel, alloy steel, and general cast iron applications.

What sets REALCOOL–325 apart is its unique biodegradable formulation, which not only ensures superior cutting performance but also prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for long-term use, contributing to a cleaner and more efficient machining environment.

Choose REALCOOL–325 for a reliable and high-performance cutting oil that not only excels in diverse machining applications but also prioritizes environmental sustainability through its biodegradable properties. Elevate your machining processes with the efficiency and versatility of REALCOOL–325.

Category: Synthentic Oil

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