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REAL 15W - 40 Multi Oils are premium quality high performance long drain engine oils for both petrol and diesel Engines. These Oils have high viscosity index with high detergency level and excellent oxidation stability.

REAL 15W - 40 Multi Oils represent the epitome of premium quality and high performance, tailored for both petrol and diesel engines. Engineered with a high viscosity index, these oils boast exceptional detergency levels and outstanding oxidation stability. The result is an engine oil that not only provides excellent wear protection but also incorporates a robust alkaline reserve, effectively extending oil drain intervals and enhancing overall engine longevity.

With its superior quality, REAL 15W - 40 Multi Oils deliver remarkable benefits, including significantly prolonged oil drain intervals, reduced oil topping up frequency, and improved fuel economy. Elevating the standard for engine lubrication, these oils offer a winning combination of performance, durability, and efficiency, ensuring optimal engine health and performance over the long haul. Choose REAL 15W - 40 Multi Oils for an unmatched driving experience and prolonged engine vitality.

Category: Automotive Oil

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